Provide professional, trained delivery/installation personnel with excellent work habits


  • Provide timely, responsive and cooperative problem resolution
  • Maintain excellent customer relations and communications
  • Be fully prepared, and have a plan of action, before arriving on site
  • Provide delivery/installation personnel who are fully equipped and skilled in the use of tools and equipment
  • On time, 100% complete, delivery and installation services
  • Provide the highest quality workmanship in the finished assembly of all products
  • Handle all product with care to ensure no damage to product or to the customer's premises
  • Ensure a professional, cooperative interface with the client, client's employees and any related third party consultants/contractors
  • Conduct delivery/installation to minimize any interference with end users on-going business operations
  • Provide complete verification of product receipt
  • Provide accurate delivery/installation documentation
  • Ensure there is courteous accommodation of any changes and revisions
  • Provide timely and responsive punch list resolution
  • Adhere to customers-security, business and building procedures
  • Provide secure, well organized, warehousing of product, if needed
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